Exhibitions – Devotions

Devotions to the Goddess Flora

Ruth Moilliet uses plants and nature as inspiration for her work, celebrating their beauty and abundance. With a heightened realisation of the effects of climate change on our environment, more recently her work has taken on a different meaning.

The title comes from an essay by the botanist Thomas Rogers. He with three others travelled from Oldham to the Scotland to study and collect mountain plant species now preserved at Gallery Oldham. A further expedition included the botanist James Nield who wrote a second essay. These papers with accompanying watercolour illustrations were preserved together in a unique and beautifully bound book, Botanical Excursions, Breadalbane and Grampians 1874-1876. Most of the species collected are now endangered. Ruth drew inspiration from this creating sculptural artworks with a community installation in the Gallery foyer.

Climate change results from human excess, demonstrating disregard for the delicate balance of our planet. A contributor to this is the fossil fuel industry including petroleum-based plastic. Its products and waste are all around us. Ruth’s work is created from recycled materials, in particular discarded plastic.

The work is bright, beautiful and to be enjoyed, but there is a dark message behind this beauty that could be overlooked at first glance…